World Cup host Qatar to introduce 100 percent tax on Alcohol

World Cup 2022 host Qatar is to present a 100 percent assess on liquor from January 1, an administration official affirmed on Monday.

The “wrongdoing” charge is being presented only weeks after the moderate Muslim Gulf state reported in its yearly spending proclamation that it would present a require on “wellbeing harming products”. The approach was uncovered by the Qatar Distribution Company, the nation’s solitary liquor store, in a 30-page rundown of new costs for lager, wines and spirits, refering to the presentation of a 100 percent “extract charge”.

The rundown was generally shared via web-based networking media and demonstrated savors multiplying cost medium-term, as it point by point charges which become effective from January 1. Whenever inquired as to whether the record was authentic, an administration representative told AFP: “it is valid”.

With the new exact, a 100cl container of Bombay Sapphire gin will presently cost 340 Qatari riyals ($93, 81 euros) and a 75cl of Shiraz wine from South Africa will be sold for 86 riyals ($23, 20 euros).

A 24-pack of Heineken 330ml brews will presently cost 384 riyals ($105, 92 euros). It is legitimate to purchase liquor in Qatar with an allow, and furthermore to drink in authorized bars, clubs and inns – in spite of the fact that drinking in broad daylight is prohibited.

The issue of liquor is probably going to be a touchy subject in the run-up to the World Cup in four years’ time. Competition coordinators in Qatar have said liquor will be accessible for fans in assigned territories, however not openly spaces, keeping in mind the nation’s conventions.

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