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In extraordinary news for patisserie idealists and weight watchers all over the place (yet a potential disaster for devotees of icing): the faction of the cupcake may finally be arriving at an end.

The Wall Street Journal reports the market for the over-frosted sugary treats is smashing, gold-like, as Americans put resources into elective corridor stopping up treats.Stock in Crumbs, one of many US cupcake chains, has crumpled from a high in 2011 of $13 (£8.50) an offer to only $1.70, as experts call time on an iced marvel.

The pattern cleared America in the mid 2000s after Carrie et al jabbed down cakes from Magnolia Bakery, another chain, in the hit parody arrangement, Sex and the City.

In Britain, where cupcakes implied wipe pellets spread with icing you could see through, we ate up the extravagant imports, and home-prepared organizations rose to take care of demand. There aren’t indications of an accident yet here, however when America burps we will in general get belly hurt (or something) so we propose another pattern: real cake.

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